F83N M4
K&N standard replacement filter

K&N invented their oil impregnated motion filters back in 1969, and ever since they has been the market leader for sports filters.

K&N is characterised by:
  • K&N gives 1.600.000 kilometres warranty on the filter itself.
  • K&N filters does not need replacement. But instead cleanable, using their service kit. Which also includes filter oil.
  • K&N filters has an increased flow due to their lower flow resistance.
  • The lower air flow resistance results in an increased engine performance.
  • K&N replacement filters fits the vehicle without any modifications, as they have the same dimensions as the original filter.

Further more the filter will give out a slightly more sporty sound from the engine, which can increase the driving pleasure for most BMW drivers.

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    Air filter insert (Set) K&N
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    KN Rensekit