I01N i3s 120Ah Rex
Mega City Vehicle
System 2:
* Wheel spacers with double centering.
* The spacer will be centred on the vehicle.
* The wheel will be centered on the spacer.
* The wheel is fastened using longer wheel bolts (Not included)
* Packed as a set of two spacers.
* Remember to also purchase longer wheel bolts.

Important information:
Spacers with centering requires attention both while ordering and especially while fitting.

On the mounting flange on the vehicle, where the wheel is fitted against. There is a centering hub, which centers the wheel on the mounting flange. On the range of vehicles offered by BMW this centering hub varies in height. So it's impossible for us to exactly inform which spacers fits each vehicle. Which is the reason we recomend removing the wheel from the car, and measure the height of the centering hub on the car (Please note, the centering hub height can be different front and rear!)

Example: You measure a height on the vehicle of 18mm, and wish for an 18mm spacer (Or less): This is not possible, as the built in centering hub on the spacer gets in the way. The reason is that there needs to be a narrowing on the spacer, where the centering hub extends the hole in the spacer of the same diameter which the centering hub extends. If you try fitting anyway, you WILL destroy the spacer, as the centering hub on the car will sheer the centering hub off the spacer.

Fitting: While fitting it's important to observe the description above. And make sure that the inner flange on the spacer seats securely againts the flange on the vehicle. Place the spacer on the centering hub on the vehicle. Rotate the spacer left and right while pushing hard towards the flange on the vehicle. Feel where the friction is: Between the centering hub on the vehicle and the spacer (Stop fitting). Or between the flange on the vehicle and inner flange on the spacer (Continue fitting). Still in doubt? then we recomend stopping the installation.

Still in doubt: Descriptions like this can easily sound abstract, and difficult to relate to. So please call os for a talk before ordering, and we will try and clarify.

Our recomendation before ordering: We recomend ordering a spacer thats approx. 2mm thicker than the centering hub height on the vehicle. But we give no guarantees of fitment, due to circumstantial tolerances and measurements. Also remember not to order a spacer that's too thick to be suitable for the car to begin with.

Warranty: Under no circumstances will spacers that are damaged during fitting be covered under warranty, even if our sales advice results in an unsuitable spacer! It's the responsibility of the person fitting the spacers to do this correctly, as with any job. Especially jobs that can have serious security and safety consequences. Sometimes "a simple" job turns out to be more complicated than you'd think, this is exactly that kind of job.