F83N M4
Powerflex sports bushings:
Powerflex produces Polyurethane which compared to the standard bushings are 33% stiffer, and more resistant to degradation with time.
When a force is applied to a bushing in a suspension link, the bushing gives as the flexible material is compressed. This changes the suspension angles,
which very often has a negative impact on handling of the vehicle. Where you loose feel with whats happening, and steering feels imprecise. This will be
exaggerated even further id your standard bushing has degraded. Which will make installing a Powerflex bushing even more of an enjoyment.
By installing a Powerflex bushing you get these advantages:
* Lifetime warranty on the bushing.
* Stiffer bushing and therefore more precise feeling the the suspension.
* With a more fixed supsnsion geometry (Less flexing bushings). You improve the life of your tires.
* Very often the installation is much easier, and does not require special tools in the same degree as with the original bushings.
* Powerflex bushings are one of the most effective ways of optimising your handling, to favour the sportive aspect of your BMW.
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    Tension arm bushing
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    Tension arm bushing (CASTER)
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    Anti roll bar bushing 26,5mm
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    Anti roll bar bushing 28mm
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    Rear differential bushing fron
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    Rear differential bushing rear