Introducing: The perfect Serving BMW People tools AGA Tools & Products make the most ingenious tools and special parts forBMW, and they are now available in Europe through KOED

BMW special tools and parts from AGA Tools, now in Europe

AGA Tools & Products is a small but highly specialized American company that develops and manufactures unique BMW special tools and special parts. AGA is short for All German Auto, and the company was founded by Martin Christensen. He is an expert in German cars and has dedicated his life and career to design and produce custom tools and parts for German cars, mainly to BMW.

In Martin's work with German cars, he discovered an increasing need for a supplement to the special tools that was already on the market for BMW. His vision was to optimize difficult and time-consuming repairs and what started as a niche market for BMW parts, grew rapidly to patented tools and parts, still primarily for BMW, but also for other German brands such as MINI, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen.

Special tools for BMW with the perfect Serving BMW People philosophy

AGA Tools & Products manufacture customized cooling pipes, valve replacement tools, and other tools and parts that save car owners thousands of dollars.
Many of AGA's products, such as the cooling tube for the BMW N62 V8 engine, make a very complicated and comprehensive repair much easier. This repair usually costs around EUR 8,000, but with the AGA tube, the cost is reduced to around third of that price and in significantly less time. It saves both the workshop and the car owners time and money.

AGA Tools & Products has manufactured BMW special tools and special parts since 2013, always with great focus on precision and durability. AGA Tools are now an authorized tool vendor to BMW North America and BMW Germany, and has several tools and repair methods being used worldwide in BMW repair centers.
AGA Tools started in 2005 and launched a website and Coolant pipe in November 2009.

Advantages of BMW Special Tools from AGA Tools & Products:

  • AGA Tools & Products is a great alternative to standard products.
  • AGA Tools & Products is manufactured with a finish, accuracy and quality that far exceed similar products and tools on the market.
  • AGA Tools & Products has been developed and designed by a passionate expert, to save you time and money by making repairs faster, better and easier.

KOED is the European distributor of special tools from AGA Tools & Products

Based on our mantra Serving BMW People, KOED works every day to offer the best solutions for BMW owners, aiming to keep their BMW in top shape, save money and focus on the unique driving experience every BMW provides its owner with.
Therefore, we did not hesitate for a second as the opportunity to distribute AGA Tools & Products in Europe was presented to us, as KOED and AGA share exactly the same philosophy to help the BMW people as much as we can.

Michael Bliss - KOED

Michael Bliss

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Here is a selection of the most popular special tools and parts for BMW we now offer European workshops and customers.

Find more tools under the individual car models. The tool can be found side by side with the spare parts for which the tool is to be used for replacement / repair.

The above is a small selection of products from AGA tools.