New BMW spare parts and equipment BMW spare parts and equipment from KOED - new as well as used
We have one of Scandinavia's largest warehouses of BMW spare parts, including more than 38,000 new and original BMW spare parts and parts numbers.

Total supplier of BMW spare parts

It may appear like big words and promises to live up to, but it is nevertheless how our customers see us. More than 20 years of specialization in a Bavarian car brand has made us one of the biggest and best * suppliers of BMW spare parts and equipment, including used parts of sublime quality.
Our mission is to supply not only the most perfect BMW parts, but also provide the perfect service and advice along with it, so we ensure our customers the very best overall experience. We ensure this guarantee by our dedicated employees, who all have great passion for and extensive knowledge about BMW.

Order BMW spare parts and equipment at KOED

It is simple and easy to order BMW parts and equipment through us. Your order is completed quickly and securely online and we pack and ship your goods so you receive them the next day **. If you need advice and guidance regarding your purchase, or you have a special request, please contact us here.

Wide selection of BMW spare parts

We have many BMW spare parts in stock and can deliver for the newer models as well as older models. The rare and few BMW spare parts we do not often have in stock, but are delivered daily from BMW's Nordic central warehouse.

To make certain that the parts fit your model, we recommend that you select it in the menu at the top of the website. You can either use the car's license plate, frame number or enter it manually.

In that way, only the catalog that fits 100% to the selected model appears.


All types of BMW spare parts

More than 20 years ago, KOED began to disassemble old BMWs and sell the parts from them. Since then, many things have happened, and over the last 5-10 years, many new types of BMW parts have come into our inventory
Original BMW Parts (OE): These parts come directly from Munich, and include the parts any BMW car consists of. The parts are of the best and highest certified quality.
Alternative Parts (OEM): These type of parts are produced from the same manufacturers who deliver OE parts to BMW. Here they include a different name and a slightly lower price.
Unoriginal parts (AM): Original parts are also called aftermarket parts, and are produced by manufacturers who do not ship to BMW. However, the quality is almost identical to OE / OEM parts, but the price is much lower.
Refurbished parts: There are many parts on a car that consist of several single parts - such as a generator - and this type of part is often replaced by a defective one. We are in direct contact with the best suppliers of properly refurbished units and offer these in exchange at a very reasonable price.

* (according to Trustpilot)
** (applies only to stock items and when ordering Monday-Thursday before 15:00).