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Do you have any question?

KOED has been working exclusively with BMW cars and parts since 1993, and we would love to share this extensive experience and knowledge with you.

Our great knowledge about BMW enables us to respond to almost any query about the BMW brand, whether it's spare parts, accessories, special inquiries, repairs guides and much more.

If you happen to have a question that we can not answer, we are always able to refer you to other trusted sources in our network, that have knowledge of the specific challenge you have.

3 quick tips

When you contact us, you can make the expedition much faster, if you either have the registrationnumber or chassis number ready, on the car you are calling us about.
Brian Svalgaard
Brian Svalgaard
If you would like to see your status on your delivery, you will find a packagenumber in the e-mail we send you. This track and trace number you can use on the GLS website to exactly where your package.
Michael Bliss
Michael Bliss
Our first priority is always to provide high quality customer service, but this is followed closely by quick response time. As we always follow any inquiries through to the end, there may be a short waiting time on the phone at some times.
Martin Løgager
Martin Løgager