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If you have a workshop or a spare parts shop, you can buy BMW parts at KOED with many benefits. Read more about our business account and all the benefits.

One of Scandinavia's largest stocks of all kinds of BMW parts

KOED currently has one of the country's largest stocks of new and used BMW spare parts with 38,000 new spare parts + more than 50,000 used high-quality parts in stock for delivery from day to day.
The spare parts we sell, are divided into several categories; new and used BMW parts, OE and OEM parts, aftermarket parts and refurbished parts. Our long experience with the BMW brand and via a large network, we know how to get the best aftermarket and refurbished parts.

Spare parts and accessories at the right price, and 20 years of experience at no extra cost

The diversity of spare parts types we offer enables you to easily complete any repair. For example, in case you have an older BMW X5 in the workshop with a defective transmission, we can usually offer you a good used transmission unit. This means that the price of the repair will be more affordable, compared to a repair with a new or refurbished part, which is good for both the customer and you, as the alternative is that the car was not repaired.
When you buy parts from us, you always get a bonus in the shape of our unmatched and swift customer service, but also in terms of our unique BMW knowledge. It comes in many shapes and forms, but most often as advice on various additional parts required for a specific repair, such as clips or bolts, or tips and help for complex tasks.

KOED B2B: Benefits and conditions

Our great customer service, large stock of quality parts, huge BMW brand knowledge and same day shipping is something we offer to each and every one our customers. As a B2B customer, we offer attractive discount rates (category-dependent) and the opportunity for attractive payment terms, which means that you can both make your customers happy, but also make a good profit.
The conditions for setting up a B2B account are quite simple, and are basically just a question of buying your BMW parts from us and paying on time.

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If you want to hear more about the possibilities for a KOED business account, or if you wish to apply immediately, please contact our sales by phone +4586392900 or by e-mail info@koedbmw.com