8HP Transmission Adapter

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Product Description:

The AGA 8HP Transmission Adapter is one of those tools that is a must have in your workshop! Why do you ask? Because many vehicle manufactures on the market currently has the ZF 8HP transmission!

When servicing the transmission, many traditional transmission jack apply pressure to weak points of the oil pan on the 8HP transmission causing internal damages to the oil pan. One of the main concerns is the secondary filter cracking and allowing debris getting into the oil pan and valve body. This will cause damage over time without being warned since there are no sensors within the oil pan.

Made of all steel, heavy duty components, the AGA 8HP Transmission Adapter will work with many popular transmission jacks by Snap On, Matco, OTC and BMW. Some jacks will require modifications to the AGA 8HP Transmission Adapter. What makes the AGA 8HP Transmission Pan Adapter unique is the tool only makes contact to the transmission casing, never to the oil pan.