Chain lock tool N62

Item Number: AGACHN62
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  • AGA Tools has manufactured a N62 Chain Lock Tool to prevent the engine from turning over during a valve stem seal repair.
  • Our N62 Chain Lock tool was developed based on feedback we received from technicians who have purchased our N62 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kit.
  • By setting the engine to TCD and pressuring the cylinder, if the TDC is not perfectly aligned the engine can turn over in either direction. Our N62 Chain Lock Tool will prevent this from happening. Before the cylinder is pressurised, insert the chain lock tool to lock the chain and inhibit it from turning over.
  • Not only does the chain lock tool prevent the engine from tuning over, but it also helps prevent accidents like fingers getting caught, scratching camshafts, or damaging engine components. All in all, the N62 Chain Lock Tool will make the job easier for the technician.