14 & 17mm Self-Flexing Sockets

Item Number: AGASFS1417
DKK 3.643,75
Leveringstid 1-2 dage
  • These unique self-flexing sockets is brand new design from All German Auto. We developed the 14mm and 17mm fuel line sockets to flex at a 46° angle for better leverage when loosening and tightening direct fuel line nuts. This design ensures you don’t lose torque during removal or installation.
  • This includes the 14mm and 17mm self-flexing fuel line sockets. These self-flexing sockets was originally designed for fuel lines, but these unique tools can be used wherever you have a hard to reach area.
  • To view our 14mm self-flexing socket please Click here
  • To view our 17mm self-flexing socket please Click here
  • The bending motion is controllable by pushing on the spring steel on top, making it easy to bring the socket to the nut.