Wheel Lock Removal Tool

Item Number: AGAWLRT
DKK 3.986,25
In Stock (50 STK)
  • Problem: High security with spinning ring wheel lock bolt is stuck from being rounded, stripped and/or the key is broken or missing. You’re unable to remove wheel lock bolt with normal wheel lock socket. Grinding, drilling and welding will usually result in damaging the wheel. The removal is very difficult, time consuming and expensive.
  • Solution: The AGA Wheel Lock Removal Tool allows you to remove the high security with spinning rings wheel lock bolt in a few minutes, without the need of key and leaving no damage to the wheel.
  • Benefit: Avoid the expensive wheel repair or even replacement, saving time, money, effort and keeping customers happy.
  • WARRANTY INFO: Because this tool is a service tool and is used under extreme loads, the inner collet and spline remover is not covered under warranty. These parts can be purchased individually without having to buy a whole new tool.
  • The tool is used together with a slide hammer, with a 5/8-18 thread (5/8 inch thread, 18 threads per inch) Not included
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