AGA Antistatic fuel extraction

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  • Problem: Removing fuel from the vehicle with a stiff hose, soft hose or even a rubber hose just doesn’t work. The hoses either bunch up, too stiff to bend or doesn’t provide a safe ground. Replacing a fuel pump with a full tank of gas could be very dangerous and expensive.
  • Solution: Our Antistatic Fuel Extraction Kit will remove fuel in a safe and proper manner without any mess. With our kit, you can remove fuel from most vehicles without worrying about creating a messy work environment.
  • Benefit: Our special Antistatic hose is specially made for removing fuel through the filler neck without causing static electricity, something that no one else has. With the special designed tip, it flexes and allows the hose to push through different angles in the filler neck. Our kit includes our proprietary antistatic fuel hose, vapor recovery hose, grounding strap, hose guide, universal adapters, Teflon tape and replacement O-rings for the hose tip.