Oil Drain Plug Repair Kit

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  • Problem: You are working on a vehicle with an aluminum oil pan and accidentally strip the drain plug. Usually it's a not so difficult repair, but this vehicle is a all wheel drive with axles going through the oil pan. Now you are looking at 12+ hour job to just replace the oil pan.
  • Solution: Using the AGA Drain Plug Repair Kit will allow you to repair the stripped drain plug without having to remove the oil pan.
  • Benefits: Instead of the normal cut thread, our repair kit uses a roll thread process which presses/expands threads on the oil pan to a bigger diameter. This process also increases the strength of the thread. Most drain plugs strip at 55 ft-lb, with our repair kit and provided drain plugs, the plus can me torqued as high as 95 ft-lbs.
  • This kit can make 14mm threads, but can be upgraded to also make 16mm threads.